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Solidarity in action

This year, GADISA Retail once again maintained its social commitment to the world around us, supporting and partnering with a number of organizations whose aim is to help groups at risk of social exclusion and reduce poverty.

Solidarity May

We have again developed the ”Solidarity May” campaign, with the aim of collecting food and basic products for the Food Banks of Galicia and Castilla y León

During the 7th edition of Solidarity May, we succeeded in collecting 154,000 kg of food and staples for 11 food banks in Galicia and Castilla y León, thanks to the significant collaboration of our customers, who contributed 129,000 kg of products (GADISA Retail makes a direct contribution, providing an additional 20% of the total collected at retail outlets). With this initiative, over the years GADISA Retail has donated close to one million kilos of food and staples, sent to social welfare organizations that take charge of distributing them amongst persons with limited resources.

The Big Drive

For the seventh consecutive year, we took part in The Big Food Drive, organized by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL), whose aim is to collect non-perishable personal care and food items to benefit disadvantaged communities. Close to 200 of our shops in Galicia and Castilla y León took part in this generous initiative.

Coruña in Black

This year, GADISA Retail once again supported ‘A Coruña in Black’, together with the A Coruña Council. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of combatting sexist violence within Coruña society."In Black Against Sexist Violence" was sponsored by the Santiago de Compostela Town Council in 2015, and since then, close to 30 municipalities have joined this awareness-raising action.

Obradoiro CAB Solidarity Game

With a new edition of the solidarity game, GADISA Retail and Monbus Obradoiro again joined forces to donate more than half a tonne of food to Xoán XXIII Shelter in Santiago de Compostela.

Vigo Multiple Sclerosis Charity Run

We partnered with the Vigo Multiple Sclerosis Association in organizing the 7th Charity Run for Multiple Sclerosis, held last October in that city, bringing together thousands of people in solidarity with those impacted by this disease. We support a number of charity runs and walks, such as those put on by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in various municipalities around Galicia (Noia, Ferrol, A Coruña) and Castilla y León (Ponferrada, Ávila), benefitting people with multiple sclerosis in Vigo and sponsored by the O Mencer organization in Lalín, which supports families with limited resources.

Solidarity Sandwich at Lestonnac School

Lestonnac School in Valladolid has presented a new edition of ‘Solidarity Sandwich’, now in partnership with GADISA Retail, which donated a number of items to put on this solidarity initiative.We also contributed to a similar initiative organized by the Manos Unidas association in Bembibre.

Solidarity Street Market to Benefit Oncomet

We helped put on a solidarity market to benefit Oncomet, the Translational Medical Oncology Group at the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS), which is investing new tools for early cancer detection.

Animal Protection Drive

We decided to partner with a number of animal protection organizations in both Galicia and Castilla y León by collecting animal care and food products. With this solidarity action, GADISA Retail also seeks to raise social awareness of the importance of looking after our pets.

Solidarity Barbershop

We once again supported this initiative, which brings together dozens of hairdressers from all over Spain in A Coruña to raise funds for the A Coruña Multiple Sclerosis Association by offering haircuts, styling and shaves.