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Support for society

We work alongside government bodies, third-sector partners, sport and cultural bodies, and a wide range of organizations specializing in their sphere of activity to foster a more prosperous, socially conscious and diverse society.

Our commitment to the sociocultural and economic welfare and development of the communities that host us has been part of the GADISA Retail corporate identity from the very start. We adopt major social concerns as our own, and for this reason support a number of outside initiatives that tackle the major needs of the world around us.

In 2019, we strengthened this commitment, investing 2.53 million euros in 2,331 activities, covering various action areas: promoting sport and healthy habits, local economic development, solidarity actions, education and culture, and institutional sponsorships.

Galician Literature Day

In 2019, Galician Literature Day honoured Antón Fraguas, and in recognition, we distributed 30,000 bookmarks with a piece from the author's work to our customers. We also produced a special edition of our shopping bag. This year for the first time they were paper, thus helping reduce their environmental impact. In addition, as a demonstration of our commitment to the literature and tradition of the community where we established our business, over the past 15 years we have published more than 300,000 books in Galician, always distributed free of charge at this event.

Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

With the aim of bringing our customers appealing and unique cultural events, we partnered on the incredible exhibition presented in Salamanca, which displayed exact replicas of the terracotta warriors of the first Chinese emperor. Customers at our Gadis supermarkets in the province received tickets to visit this incredible show.

Betanzos International Film Week

Under the slogan ‘socially conscious cinema’, the 19th Betanzos International Film Week was held in that city, with Isabel Coixet as the guest artist. GADISA Retail chose to participate once again, demonstrating its firm commitment to the cinema.

We were also involved in the Astorga Film Festival, Lugo Film Week and celebrated Seminci in Valladolid.

María Casares Awards

This year, we once again partnered with the Actors and Actresses of Galicia Association in presenting the 23rd gala ceremony for the María Casares Awards, demonstrating our commitment to the performing arts in Galicia.

Son do Camiño

To kick off Xacobeo (Holy Year) 2021, Gadis decided to support a new edition of the O Son do Camiño festival, which brings together numerous major artists at Monte do Gozo in Santiago de Compostela

We also continued our contribution to numerous festivals in the region, including Festival de la Luz in Boimorto, the Festival of the Celtic World in Ortigueira, Esmorga Fest in Sarria, Portamérica in Caldas de Reis and the Sin Sal Festival in Vigo.

Carlos Núñez Concert

We could not help but take part in celebrating the 800th anniversary of Betanzos with a thrilling concert by Carlos Núñez inside San Francisco Church.

In addition to this major musical event, in 2019 we supported various initiatives intended for music lovers, including a concert by Alfred García in Valladolid and concerts organized by the Friends of the Opera in A Coruña and Vigo.


We support film production with Santiago de Compostela's festival of short films Curtocircuito, reaffirming our backing of audiovisual arts.

In this area, we also partnered with the Cines da Comarca Exhibition in Ferrol, Freakemacine in A Coruña and the Inclusive Film Festival in Vigo.

Carnival in La Victoria, Valladolid

We focus on leisure activities for the entire family with events such as Carnival in La Victoria Neighbourhood of Valladolid.

We support Carnival celebrations in a number of towns in Galicia and Castilla y León, such as the folk festivities in Verín and Xinzo de Limia, and the parades of floats in Ourense, among others.

Healthy Habits Trailer

GADISA Retail and the Foundation for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) once again toured with our Healthy Habits Trailer, visiting more than 30 towns in Galicia and Castilla y León, reaching more than 30,000 people and disseminating information about healthy lifestyles and sustainable modes of consumption.

This initiative was recognized with the award in the Best Use of Corporate Social Responsibility Messaging category at SaludFestival.

Inclusion and equality through sport

We have renewed our agreement with the EMALCSA Foundation, which establishes the basis for the partnership with this organization through 31st August 2020, to promote sporting initiatives with the aim of inclusion and equality of socially marginalized groups. In 2019, GADISA Retail partnered on the fifth edition of this aid programme, which benefitted some 29,655 people, with the participation of 27 organizations practising 20 different sport disciplines.


At GADISA Retail, we are committed to active lifestyles in which sport plays a central role. For this reason, we decided to support different initiatives with athletics as the focus, such as the Legua a Legua 2019 Run, organized by the Palencia Provincial Council, and the 43rd San Martiño Fun Run in Ourense. Our team also took part in the Companies Run in Betanzos, where one of our teams won.

Water sports

We support such disciplines as swimming, canoeing, sailing, surfing and water polo, where sport and water intermingle. We have partnered on a number of initiatives, including the Río Umia Descent, 12th Alejandra Fernández Memorial Regatta in Portosín, Ensenada de San Amaro Swim Crossing (held in A Coruña), Galician Youth Swimming Championship in Ferrol, Surfing Championship in Caion, and the famous Pantín Classic surfing event, which each year attracts internationally renowned sportspeople.

Sport for All

”GADISA Retail partnered on the wheelchair basketball Euroliga 3 final, held in Vigo. Yet another example of our commitment to sport as tool of inclusion for all.

Healthy practices and habits

Last year, GADISA Retail carried out a large variety of activities with the aim of disseminating healthy habits among young people. One example of this is Physical Education in the Street Day, held in Ponferrada, and the initiative carried out during Obesity Day in A Coruña, bringing together hundreds of students against this illness.

Street Games Coruña

GADISA Retail decided to partner in presenting the Street Games 2019 event, held in the city of A Coruña and featuring urban sportspeople. More than 200 professionals from 15 countries came together, occupying an area of more than 40,000 square metres in the city centre.

Youth Sport

We believe it is necessary to promote sport from the earliest ages. And so we have decided to take part in various sport initiatives targeting young children, such as the Ames Cup youth football tournament, ‘EntreNos’ San Ciprián Basketball Campus in Lugo, and the mountain biking race for children organized by Esmelle Cycling Club.

Biosphere Reserve Youth Forum

Demonstrating our commitment to the environment and the future of our society, we decided to partner on presenting the 1st Spanish Biosphere Reserve Network Youth Forum, held in Oleiros (A Coruña).

"Ideas to Produce" Cluster

This event organized by the Galician Audiovisual Cluster brings together numerous audiovisual professionals from throughout Spain, enabling many creators to find the financing they need to make their projects a reality.

Coruña Mobile Week

This year, GADISA Retail once again supported this event, which brings together leading professionals from this industry in the City of Hercules. A space where scientists, philosophers, engineers and other experts gather with the aim of presenting digital technology to the citizenry


Gadis has opted to take part in numerous festivals throughout Galicia and Castilla y León, including the Santa Cruz Festival in Oleiros and the drinking chocolate party held at La Victoria School in Valladolid.

Support for local traditions

We take part in promoting and setting of up events that highlight local tradition and products, such as the Galician Horse Show in Silleda and the Spanish Omelet Contest in O Castrillón.

Vigo Sea Fest

GADISA Retail supports this event, sponsored by the Vigo Fishing Vessel Owners Cooperative in Vigo (ARVI), aimed at promoting cooking with seafood products, culinary culture, the fish and seafood industry, music, and water and beach sports through workshops and experiences such as baptisms at sea. This is a major event on Vigo’s summer calendar and represents a huge stimulus for the business fabric of the área.

Benavente Tapas Fair

We support numerous activities of this type, promoted by hospitality industry professionals to stimulate local commerce, including Santas Tapas in A Estrada and the Pinchos Tour in Mugardos.


This culinary event was created to partner in celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the Friends of Galician Cuisine, in a day that brought together numerous members of the Galician hospitality industry and producers in order to promote the cuisine of our community.

Xacobeo 2021

In 2019, we signed an important sponsorship agreement with the Government of Galicia, in which we committed to partnering and promoting the Xacobeo (Holy Year) by contributing close to one million euros allocated to commemorative activities presented on the occasion of the 2021 Holy Year. This is the fourth time we have been part of this celebration, so closely linked to our roots and cultural heritage.

Spanish Paralympics Team

For the 15th consecutive year, GADISA Retail continued to support the Spanish Paralympic Committee by partnering on the Paralympic Target Sport Support Plan (ADOP), as a demonstration of our firm commitment to sport and equal opportunities, the reason we have maintained this partnership tie for so many years. This allows us to contribute to strengthening and continuing Spanish Paralympic sport.

Lighten Your Life

We continue our partnership with the Foundation for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) to promote healthy habits as part of the Lighten Your Life programme. For the fifth consecutive year, our travelling exhibition, the Responsible Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle Trailer, visited a number of towns in Castilla y León and Galicia, bringing visitors practical tips for a healthy, balanced diet and incorporating physical exercise into their daily routine, along with guidelines for responsible and sustainable consumption and reducing food waste in the home. On the same topic, and also as part of Lighten Your Life, we implemented the Alimentes project, which consists of guided tours of our retail outlets, aimed at infant and primary education students in Galicia and Castilla y León.

The aim of these initiatives is to convey the importance of a balanced diet and responsible consumption to society as a whole, and in doing so, helping to reduce the high obesity rate in our country.

800th Anniversary of the University of Salamanca

We maintain close and lasting partnership ties with the University of Salamanca. To this end, in 2019 we renewed the agreement signed with the institution, formalizing our partnership, highlighted as part of the university's 800th anniversary. With this agreement, we participate in financing various teaching, research, social and cultural activities.