Logistics Centres

Daily deliveries

Logistics centres


For GADISA, the quality of the products we distribute is essential. For this reason, our logistics system is designed to ensure that fresh products reach consumers each day, maintaining the same quality as at their point of origin.

We use all of our logistics capabilities to serve any customer wherever they may be: population centres, rural areas, canteens, shops, etc. We supply products designed to suit the characteristics of the points of sale, based on demand at each one. We use the same distribution system for both our own supermarket chain and franchises, thus ensuring that the selection we offer our customers has the same quality and freshness at every establishment, without location representing a barrier. This commitment to supply where others do not reach is the greatest strength of our logistics capabilities.

More than 11,000 items which do not require refrigeration are stored and redistributed by personnel at our Betanzos and Medina del Campo logistics centres, making daily deliveries to all points of sale.

The radiofrequency management system allows an optimal use of resources.