• Cif: A-15.106.925
  • Address: Polígono de Piadela s/n, 15300 Betanzos - A Coruña

Logistics Centers

More than 30,000 products
available to our customers

For GADISA, the quality of the products we distribute is essential. For this reason, our logistic system is designed to guarantee that the fresh products reach the consumer daily preserving the same quality of the origin.

We have all our logistical capacity to serve any customer wherever they are: urban areas, rural areas, canteens, shops, etc. We serve products adapted to the characteristics of the points of sale, attending to the demand of each one. We use the same distribution system both for our own supermarket chain and for franchises, thus ensuring that all establishments offer

our customers an assortment of the same quality and freshness, without their location being a barrier. This commitment to supplying where others cannot is the greatest strength of our logistic capacity.

More than 11,000 articles that do not require refrigeration are stored and redistributed by the personnel of the logistics centres of Betanzos and Medina del Campo, to supply all the points of sale daily.

The system of radio frequency management allows an optimal use of resources.