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  • Address: Polígono de Piadela s/n, 15300 Betanzos - A Coruña


Create wealth in dignified social conditions

During our more than 30 years of operation, we have created thousands of jobs in 10 of the country’s provinces, closing out 2019 with 7,645 employees, who make up GADISA Retail's human capital.
Creating Opportunity

We are pleased to stand out as a company that creates jobs which, in many cases, provide the first employment opportunity for young people who gain the training and experience they need to grow professionally and personally at GADISA Retail.

Additionally, at GADISA Retail, we cultivate the talent of our professionals, providing them with motivation, training and the opportunity to continue to enrich their work experience through internal promotion within the company. This allows employees to tackle new professional and personal challenges, acquiring new skills that support their development. In 2019, we reported 316 internal promotions.

We are especially open to working with work placement programmes at different associations and bodies such as universities, institutes and other organizations in our area. In 2019, we accepted 315 students from various institutions, including Cesforem, Alfredo Brañas Secondary School, Cáritas, Fundación Nortempo, Rodolfo Ucha Piñeiro Vocational School, Canido Secondary School, and the A Coruña and Santiago councils, among many others.

We also remain committed to occupational training, accepting 129 students at our retail outlets to teach them about operations in the departments, replenishment and checkout. Most of them joined the GADISA Retail family at the end of their work placement period.

We play an active role in projects to improve the employability of groups with difficulties gaining access to employment, such as Ferrol's Integrated Employment Programme and Inserta 6, as well as the Galicia Launching Pads for Employment and the A Coruña Chamber of Commerce Job Fair. We are also part of the CLARA Programme, designed to get women in situations of extreme vulnerability into work.

At GADISA Retail, we foster respect, support and inclusion for groups with functional diversity or in situations of social exclusion.

We create job opportunities for these groups and make an effort to create an optimal environment and development for them. To this end, we present activities along with the A Coruña Town Council, Red Cross and Paideia Foundation to get persons with functional diversity into work.

Fostering the welfare of our human resources

With the aim of promoting a comfortable and healthy working environment where our staff can carry out their profession in a safe and effective manner

TIn addition to caring for the health and safety of our employees, we also concern ourselves with their emotional wellbeing and personal satisfaction. We cultivate an appealing, diverse and inclusive atmosphere with a prevailing good work environment that fosters a sense of belonging among our employees, identification with the company's values and, in short, contribution to the goals of GADISA Retail.

To this end, we foster a good work–life balance among our team, offering our employees timetables adapted to their family obligations. In 2019, we provided timetables adapted to family needs for 7% of our workforce (536 employees), fostering a balance between their professional and personal responsibilities. The people who make up the GADISA Retail team also have access to a number of social benefits through the use of their Mundo GADISA card. These consist of special discounts and promotions at hotels, physiotherapy clinics, insurance companies, and many other services.

We pay close attention to combatting workplace harassment through strict application of procedures for action in response to possible reports in harassment cases. We have a formal protocol, which is managed by the harassment sub-committee, and an informal procedure, which gives rise to direct mediation between the parties involved.

Developing Talent

Our employees are an essential pillar of GADISA Retail, which is why we are committed to safeguarding their wellbeing and professional development, while also contributing to their personal enrichment.

Developing knowledge and improving the performance of our professionals are always a priority. To this end, we regularly provide continuing education, supporting their overall personal and professional growth, expanding their in-service training in their respective duties, at retail outlets as well as logistics centres and central services. In 2019, we devoted more than 16,000 hours to in-service training, presented to more than 3,000 employees at shops, warehouses and central services. In addition, we also provided initial training sessions for more than 2,000 employees.