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Business Units: Gadis Hiper


10 Hiper

77.646 m2

Large establishments offering the company’s biggest selection. Located in cities and district administrative capitals, these establishments allow us to expand our range of offerings to include departments such as clothing, appliances, sport, electrical goods, accessories, gardening, housewares and DIY, with more than 30,000 items.

Although they are designed as large establishments, they remain true to the philosophy of attentive, personalized and professional service that is the hallmark of all of the group’s locations.

For our customers’ convenience, they offer parking, as well as extended shopping hours: 10 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

This chain currently operates in all four Galician provinces, with locations in Carballo, Ribeira, Oleiros and O Burgo (A Coruña); Viveiro and Monforte (Lugo); Ourense and O Barco (Ourense); and Lalín and Tui (Pontevedra).

In the area of improvements, the Gadis Hiper in Carballo was expanded in 2016, adding a clothing department and reconfiguring the other sections to streamline operations and make shopping more convenient. Energy-efficient systems were also installed.

The clothing departments at the Oleiros, O Burgo, Lalín, Ourense, O Barco, Carballo and Riveira locations offer high-quality apparel featuring modern designs at very competitive prices.