• Cif: A - 15.106.915
  • Dirección: Polígono de Piadela s/n, 15300 Betanzos - A Coruña

Gadis Hyper

A complete service

11 points of sale

11 points of sale

80.873 m2

80.873 m2

Large retail establishments offering the company's largest assortment.

Located in cities and county towns, they allow us to expand our offer with sections such as fashion, electrical appliances, sports, bazaar, accessories, gardening, household goods and DIY, exceeding 30,000 references.

Although designed as large establishments, they maintain the philosophy of close, personalised and professional treatment that characterises all the group's establishments.

For the convenience of our customers, all of them have parking facilities and extensive business hours from 10 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Gadis Hiper locations can be found in 11 large cities in Galicia and Castilla y León: Carballo, Ribeira, Oleiros and O Burgo (in the province of A Coruña); Viveiro and Monforte (in the province of Lugo); Ourense and O Barco (in the province of Ourense); Lalín and Tui (in the province of Pontevedra); and Benavente (in the province of Zamora).

In 2019, we completely refurbished the Gadis Hiper in Tui, while remaining open to customers, expanding the facilities to offer a larger selection, services and convenience, and implementing energy efficiency measures and automated lighting to reduce electricity consumption.

Also in 2019, we opened the first Gadis Hiper in Castilla y León, in Benavente, making it our largest retail outlet in that autonomous community.