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  • Address: Polígono de Piadela s/n, 15300 Betanzos - A Coruña


Environmental sustainability

The GADISA Retail environmental strategy is based on three pillars: energy efficiency, waste and emissions reduction, and local and sustainable sourcing.

Our commitment to environmental protection and conservation is reflected in the actions we have been carrying out for years to control and reduce the potential environmental impact of our activity. We promote responsible consumption among our customers and partners, seeking to raise awareness and inspire responsible and sustainable conduct.

We also believe that the measures taken within the company itself are not sufficient. We therefore promote several campaigns that help to increase awareness of the importance of looking after and respecting the environment among society as a whole. Evidence of this is the inclusion of different guidelines and tips for reducing the waste deriving from our consumption in our Healthy Diet and Responsible Consumption Trailer and in our workshops at educational institutions.

Local and sustainable sourcing

At our retail outlets, we offer a wide variety of fresh, high-quality and locally sourced seasonal products, part of our commitment to supporting local producers while also reducing the ecological footprint of the products we make available to our customers.

The selection at GADISA Retail includes 92 vegan varieties and 527 organic products, which adhere to sustainability standards.

As regards our seafood products, GADISA Retail selects the best products, which come primarily from the major Galician fish markets, ensuring their quality and origin.

Energy efficiency

At GADISA Retail, we place special importance on saving energy and responsible resource use. To this end, we have an Energy Efficiency Plan, focusing particularly on modernizing our retail outlets, which has enabled us to upgrade our facilities with state-of-the-art technology and replace the lighting systems, making our locations more eco-friendly.

Waste and emissions reduction

One of the pillars of the GADISA Retail Environmental Plan is logistics efficiency, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and with this, gas emissions deriving primarily from our distribution operations.

To this end, our main goal is effective route and load optimization, seeking maximum productivity for each trip our fleet makes.

What is more, we also work to prevent and eliminate food waste through inventory planning at our retail outlets, always seeking to stock the appropriate amount of goods at each establishment.

We place great importance on our waste management policy, which is increasingly more cross-cutting, including our suppliers and external logistics agents to the extent possible. To this end, we continue to employ and improve our sorting and recycling system for waste, primarily from packing and packaging materials, at our retail outlets, as well as our logistics centres and central offices.

At the different establishments and work sites, the staff is responsible for properly sorting organic materials (plastic, cardboard and wood).