• Cif: A-15.106.925
  • Address: Polígono de Piadela s/n, 15300 Betanzos - A Coruña


Transparency in management

Together with the Compliance Model, our Code of Ethics includes the internal conduct and procedures intended to combat corruption, bribery and money laundering.

As we do every year, we publish the GADISA Retail Annual Report, in which we show our progress and results for the financial year, as an example of GADISA Retail's responsibility to ensure transparent management. Additionally, we also publish a Global Compact Progress Report each year.

Being part of this initiative is confirmation of our commitment to defending human rights, decent work, protecting the environment and combatting corruption.

We have a management team adapted to the structure of our value chain and the needs of the business model.

We are open to society

Our hallmark is caring, friendly service for our customers, and in line with this essential element, we develop programmes for educational visits to our shops, intended primarily for boys and girls. Noteworthy among these is our partnership with the Alimentes programme, which includes activities at educational institutions in which infant and primary education students in Galicia and Castilla y León receive worksheets that allow them to understand concepts related to caring for their health and the keys to a balanced diet. At the same time, it promotes respect for and conservation of the environment, focusing on responsible consumption and preventing food waste.

In addition to the Alimentes programme, we implemented our Responsible Consumption and Healthy Lifestyle Trailer initiative, a travelling exhibition with which we visit different towns in Galicia and Castilla y León, offering guided tours of our trailer from expert instructors who give visitors advice on contributing to responsible consumption and a healthy, active lifestyle, supported by content, images and informative texts adapted to all audiences. In 2019, we took this campaign to 37 towns, receiving visits from a total of 30,497 people.

In addition to these initiatives, at GADISA Retail, we are always pleased to receive and show our facilities to groups from educational institutions and other organizations interested in learning about us. In 2019, we received 421 visits, primarily from vocational courses and universities.

Attentive service on social media also

GADISA Retail is an open company in constant contact with members of society. To this end, we provide various channels of communication, with social media being particularly noteworthy. In 2019, it experienced continuous growth, giving us the opportunity to interact with our customers, bringing them first-hand information through more direct engagement.

It is important to note that we established our presence in digital media 20 years ago, with our website www.gadisa.es, where we regularly publish a wide variety of information about our shops, essential information for our visitors, partnerships, etc. We have also developed a mobile app where users have access to our offers, information brochures and a Wi-Fi connection at our retail outlets. All of this is in addition to our traditional Customer Service Department, which is available to all stakeholders.